The Beginning...

My name is DeAngela McGhee. I am wife, mom, entrepreneur and a Dallas/Ft. Worth native. Currently, I reside in the Rowlett Area. My journey to starting DeAngela’s Personal Food Prep Service began a few years back when I became serious about my own health and weight loss. It was a challenge at first because I was someone who loved to eat, and didn’t mind working out, but I would still eat unhealthy. I knew if I was going to truly be more successful in my new journey; I had to change my mindset in the kitchen. I’ve learned that EVERYTHING is a mind thing. I needed to convince myself (my mind) that although I’m changing what I’m eating, that I’m not missing out on what I was eating before. By doing so, I would come up with different meals all the time because I didn’t want to get bored eating the same “healthy” things over and over. I also made sure my presentation of the food was great. I wanted to feel like I went out and purchased my meal, versus throwing something together in my kitchen. Between the two, it helped me to stay on track and not feel deprived.

 Over the years, I began sharing the meals I was making for myself on Social Media. Many people followed what I was doing. Some even suggested I start cooking for others as well.

Fast forward to 2017, after resigning from my job in September 2016, going through some major things in my life, including battling Breast Cancer, and planting a major seed in someone else’s life, God finally released me to start DeAngela's Personal Food Prep, right in the middle of me going through Chemo. Today, I use the same principles that I used for myself to create a variety of healthy, delicious and well-presented meals to help others stay on track. Eating healthy is a lifestyle not a chore. Begin your journey with me today!

                                                              -DeAngela Denise McGhee

DeAngela McGhee | Owner of DeAngela's Personal Food Prep

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